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Orange chicken

When it comes to ordering Chinese food, Orange chicken is always my go-to dish. I love the sweetness and spice, and I particularly love it as a cold leftover for breakfast the next day. In fact, we frequently eat Trader Joe’s frozen Orange Chicken. That stuff is yummy and easy, but it’s not exactly healthy. … Continue reading

Master Chef finale

I was all set to write about caramelized apple pork chops tonight, but instead I’m so fired up about MasterChef! If you are waiting to watch it (do many people actually watch this show? I have no idea), here’s your spoiler alert. Stop reading now. Aren’t those lovely? My sweet husband brought them home for … Continue reading

Chef Ramsay

I’ll admit it: reality tv is a guilty pleasure of mine. I think it’s because of the competition. I enjoy seeing people tasked with something and trying to beat each other to solve it. And yeah, maybe some of it is scripted, but that doesn’t make me enjoy it any less! I was a huge … Continue reading