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Corn chowder

Maybe this is just me, but I feel like fall is staging a stubborn resistance this year. Tomorrow is forecast to be 90 degrees in Chicago, and I hear there’s a similar state of affairs on the East Coast. Does this stop me from making, enjoying, and writing about soup? No way. A recipe for … Continue reading

Eggplant Parmesan

For those of you wondering what I did with the rest of the eggplant (I’m sure it’s been weighing on your mind), I decided to make an old standby favorite: eggplant parmesan. I generally love Italian food in just about any form, and eggplant parm holds a special place in my heart because of the … Continue reading

Weekend in North Carolina

Andy and I are just back from a four-day weekend in North Carolina, where we attended my step-sister’s wedding in Charlotte and visited my old home in Durham and Chapel Hill. It was great to get away and so much fun seeing family and old friends. My dad treated Andy and my brother to cigars–aren’t … Continue reading

Fresh salsa

Let me start by saying that I by no means refuse to eat salsa from a jar. I love a good tortilla chip topped with jar salsa and a heap of sour cream so much that it’s occasionally my dinner. However, in this season of fresh vegetable abundance, why not down as many fresh tomatoes … Continue reading

Roasted stuffed eggplant

It all started at the farmers’ market yesterday. We were marveling over a bin of beautiful eggplants that were 3 for $2, wondering how we could manage to use three whole eggplants. I was suggesting two different eggplant parmesan dishes to Andy when a woman rooting through the bin next to us spoke up. She … Continue reading