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Birthday weekend

My brother and sister came to visit this weekend to help me usher in the big 3-0. We had such a blast, and I couldn’t have planned a better birthday. Andy and Andrick gave me a gorgeous framed photo of the two of them, which made me cry. And that made me realize, oh great, … Continue reading

Last week of the second trimester

That’s right,  27 weeks. Here we are: Please ignore the toothpaste on the mirror. Yuck. In other news, I’ve found a special treat that gives me lots more energy to get through the day. I was totally skeptical, but once I started making All-day energy smoothies (recipe courtesy of our trainer) I really felt a … Continue reading

Yellow birthday cake

When Andy told me he wanted yellow cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday, my mind went straight to a box. But I thought no, surely somebody out there has a killer recipe for yellow cake from scratch. Thank goodness the SmittenKitchen came through for me! This recipe worked perfectly. The cake is crumbly and … Continue reading

Jerk chicken

In an effort to get more protein into my diet, I’ve been looking for new ways to prepare chicken. Enter: Food & Wine’s Quick From Scratch Chicken Cookbook. I picked it up on sale at one of the closing Border’s stores (sniff sniff) a month or two ago, and so far it’s been a good … Continue reading