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Where have I been?

Wow, has it really been a month? Oops. Well, for all (both?) of you sitting out there wondering where I’ve been all this time, here’s a quick recap. We survived the great migration from our little urban nest in the Midwest to a slightly larger, significantly more suburban nest in the great American South. Actually, … Continue reading

Random thoughts prior to moving

Since we’re moving to North Carolina next week, I have been doing little around here other than packing, saying goodbye, and preparing for the move. Since not much cooking has been happening (unless you count reheating all the stuff in the freezer in attempt to use up as much as possible before we go), I … Continue reading

The calm before the holiday

I’ve spent the past two days getting ready for our Thanksgiving guests–my parents, brother, and sister. Our apartment is clean, much of the Thanksgiving prep work is done, and right now I’m treating myself to coffee with a splash of Bailey’s. While I can’t wait for everybody to get here (we’re actually doing our dinner … Continue reading


After much discussion, Andy and I came to the conclusion earlier this year that we didn’t want to stay in Chicago long-term. A great deal of thought and research and discussion went into this decision, but once we made it we started trying to figure out how we could make it happen. I am so … Continue reading