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Messy eggs

This only barely qualifies as a recipe. Really, it’s more of an idea for when you have a bunch of vegetables left over from other recipes and starting to reach the use-them-or-lose-them stage. It’s also a chance to show you my newest silicone spatula: That’s right, it’s a pumpkin. And Le Creuset. How could I … Continue reading

Rant on stoves

Don’t you hate it when you are convinced of something for so long, and then you find out you’re wrong? It’s like a big fat “told ya so” from yourself. For me, this has happened recently on the topic of stoves. For the last several years, I’ve lived in apartments with a gas stove and … Continue reading

Five for Friday

Kitchen tools to splurge on I’m all about a bargain, but there are some kitchen things that are just worth spending the big bucks. Here are a few of my favorites. Cast iron cookware. I guess it says a lot about me that I once passed up a Kate Spade handbag in favor of a … Continue reading

Orange chicken

When it comes to ordering Chinese food, Orange chicken is always my go-to dish. I love the sweetness and spice, and I particularly love it as a cold leftover for breakfast the next day. In fact, we frequently eat Trader Joe’s frozen Orange Chicken. That stuff is yummy and easy, but it’s not exactly healthy. … Continue reading

Pumpkin stew

As far as I’m concerned, the best thing about stew is that it has all the benefits of soup, plus it’s hearty enough to fill you up as a meal. Recently I was perusing recipes on SparkPeople and found one for Spiced pumpkin soup. It gave me an idea: why not use pumpkin as the … Continue reading