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Growing green onions

Did you know that you can use the bottoms of green onions to grow new ones? I thought this was pretty cool (and economical, because I always seem to buy a bundle and can’t use them all before they go bad). You just put the white bulbs with the little roots in a shot glass … Continue reading

Sesame chicken with pasta

You know what’s fun? When a new recipe turns out to be surprisingly easy and you get to eat dinner earlier than 9p that night. In my book, that’s a good evening! It’s doubly fun if you have your doubts about how the surprisingly easy recipe will turn out, and you are even more pleasantly … Continue reading

Taco dip

I’m not sure how this started, but Andy and I have a tradition of eating a big dish of taco dip while ringing in the new year. As I think about the recipe, I suppose it’s more of a summery treat (what with all the fresh vegetables), but for some reason I only make it … Continue reading

Thanksgiving appetizers

I think that one key to pulling off a successful Thanksgiving dinner is to make sure that people are fed prior to sitting down for the big meal. Of course, there’s a bit of a science to it–you don’t want to serve too many snacks so that nobody is hungry by the time the turkey … Continue reading

Cheese-stuffed chicken breasts

I’ve always been a little intimidated by cooking raw chicken (or other poultry) in the oven. When it’s on the stove you can watch it closely, poke holes to see if it’s still pink inside, and make sure you don’t dry it out by over-cooking. In the oven, though, it’s just sort of a crap … Continue reading