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I was SO excited to take Andrick to the pumpkin patch. I was pregnant when we went last year, and I remember daydreaming about returning with our little one. So, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed at how the trip actually went. For one thing, he was suffering from teething misery, which … Continue reading


Halloween was lots of fun! At least it was for me, since I got to stay in a warm, dry house to hand out candy. It was cold and rainy, but we still got about 45 kids. Here are a few highlights of the evening: Little zombie: Can I have two pieces of candy? Me: … Continue reading

Halloween weekend

Thanks for all of your congratulations on my last post. We are so excited to become a family of three! In addition to some shockingly cold weather (ok, I know I can’t complain too much since we didn’t get 2 feet of snow like New England, but still, cold is cold!), this weekend brought some … Continue reading

Apple carrot spice muffins

This isn’t a new recipe, but an addition to an old one. An improvement, even. A few weeks ago, I had some of these: And it was cold and colorless outside, and I was wishing it were fall. Fall is my very favorite food season. You have easy access to things like pumpkin beer, you … Continue reading

Thanksgiving prep: the turkey

The first year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, it didn’t go so well. I thought I was timing everything perfectly, until we started to carve into the turkey and realized it wasn’t nearly done. So, back into the oven it went, and all of the sides had to be reheated when the turkey was finally cooked. … Continue reading