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Corn chowder

Maybe this is just me, but I feel like fall is staging a stubborn resistance this year. Tomorrow is forecast to be 90 degrees in Chicago, and I hear there’s a similar state of affairs on the East Coast. Does this stop me from making, enjoying, and writing about soup? No way. A recipe for … Continue reading

Roasted stuffed eggplant

It all started at the farmers’ market yesterday. We were marveling over a bin of beautiful eggplants that were 3 for $2, wondering how we could manage to use three whole eggplants. I was suggesting two different eggplant parmesan dishes to Andy when a woman rooting through the bin next to us spoke up. She … Continue reading

Sweet corn

Andy’s mom grows a small crop of sweet corn in her garden every summer, and she freezes a portion to enjoy throughout the winter. Last year, she brought us some at Thanksgiving, and oh how we savored it. The frozen corn you get in the grocery store in no way compares to sweet corn frozen … Continue reading

Tomato and corn pie

Tomato and corn pie isn’t a recipe I came up with on my own, or even had any slight improvement to offer once I fell in love with it. The tomatoes originally drew me in–I love them, so I’m always looking for new ways to prepare them. The first time I made it, last year, … Continue reading