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Jerk chicken

In an effort to get more protein into my diet, I’ve been looking for new ways to prepare chicken. Enter: Food & Wine’s Quick From Scratch Chicken Cookbook. I picked it up on sale at one of the closing Border’s stores (sniff sniff) a month or two ago, and so far it’s been a good … Continue reading

Sesame chicken with pasta

You know what’s fun? When a new recipe turns out to be surprisingly easy and you get to eat dinner earlier than 9p that night. In my book, that’s a good evening! It’s doubly fun if you have your doubts about how the surprisingly easy recipe will turn out, and you are even more pleasantly … Continue reading

Chicken noodle casserole

One of my favorite comfort foods growing up was tuna noodle casserole (or tuna-noona, as my sister is still fond of calling it). But alas, I married a man with an aversion to seafood. His aversion, to be precise, is of the hives-and-throat-closing variety. (Actually, I have no idea what happens if he eats seafood, … Continue reading

BBQ chicken fingers

I don’t have any qualms about professing my love for fried foods in general, and chicken fingers in particular. Generally, if I want to eat something fried, it means I’m not in the mood for any sort of healthy alternatives. Bring on the greasy-crunchy wonderfulness, and bring it now! However. Jessica’s recipe for BBQ chicken … Continue reading