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Classic lasagna

I’m doing more traveling for work this week. Generally, if I don’t leave food behind for Andy, I’ll come home to find his dinners have consisted of beer. Because it fills him up. I don’t get it, but that’s a whole other subject. I decided to make a pan of lasagna sinceĀ  it reheats well. … Continue reading

Taco dip

I’m not sure how this started, but Andy and I have a tradition of eating a big dish of taco dip while ringing in the new year. As I think about the recipe, I suppose it’s more of a summery treat (what with all the fresh vegetables), but for some reason I only make it … Continue reading

Meaty chili

If for any reason you don’t eat meat, you should probably stop reading now and move along. Find another blog to read today. Otherwise I fear you’ll be completely overloaded by this post. That’s the pile of meat that went into my vat of chili. And this picture is a little misleading because you can’t … Continue reading

Creamy spinach and chicken lasagna

The past few days have been officially fall-like in Chicago, and while it’s not even legitimately chilly yet, it’s prompted me to break out the mother-load of all comfort food. Let’s face it: the time has past where I have to worry about appearing in a bathing suit (at least for the next 9 months … Continue reading

Tomato and cornĀ pie

Tomato and corn pie isn’t a recipe I came up with on my own, or even had any slight improvement to offer once I fell in love with it. The tomatoes originally drew me in–I love them, so I’m always looking for new ways to prepare them. The first time I made it, last year, … Continue reading