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BBQ chicken fingers

I don’t have any qualms about professing my love for fried foods in general, and chicken fingers in particular. Generally, if I want to eat something fried, it means I’m not in the mood for any sort of healthy alternatives. Bring on the greasy-crunchy wonderfulness, and bring it now! However. Jessica’s recipe for BBQ chicken … Continue reading

Meaty chili

If for any reason you don’t eat meat, you should probably stop reading now and move along. Find another blog to read today. Otherwise I fear you’ll be completely overloaded by this post. That’s the pile of meat that went into my vat of chili. And this picture is a little misleading because you can’t … Continue reading

Easton, Maryland

The brand new home of my sister! Amy was hired as an elementary special ed teacher in Maryland, and we couldn’t be more proud of her. This past weekend, Andy and I went there to help her get settled in to her new apartment. One of the most surprising things to me was the number … Continue reading


We just got back from a fantastic week in Eagles Mere, which is a teeny little resort town in the mountains in north-central Pennsylvania. It was the type of vacation that you do not want to end, and we spent a good portion of our last day there making plans for next year. I already … Continue reading

Baby back ribs

As far as I’m concerned, nothing celebrates a national holiday like a good barbecue. Unfortunately for us, we lack space for a grill, so we improvise. This year I splurged on two delicious, juicy, tender racks of ribs at the fancy, fancy Whole Foods in Lincoln Park and cooked them up in the oven. Side … Continue reading