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That’s the number of consecutive hours Andrick slept last night! Here’s a picture of us celebrating at 4am: I don’t really expect this to become a regular thing at this point, but it sure was nice. I had a feeling something was up. He went to sleep at about 7:30p in his crib. Most nights, … Continue reading

Carrying baby

Long before Andrick was born, I knew I didn’t want to haul him around in his car seat. I do that occasionally, if I want a place to put him down or if we arrive home and he’s sound asleep in there. But the car seat + baby is just too bulky and annoying to … Continue reading

Thoughts on the mini crib?

Ok mommies, help me out here. Our nursery is a tiny, tiny room. We found a mini crib at Babies R Us that seems like a perfect option for the size of the room we have. That’s the Delta Riley Mini Crib. I guess you can’t really tell from that picture, but it’s significantly smaller … Continue reading