Eleven months!

Andrick is eleven months old today! He’s wearing twelve-month clothes and still in size three diapers. And I know I keep saying this, but he’s heavy! Hauling him around is no joke these days.

Although I don’t have to do nearly as much hauling, at least at home, because he started crawling about two weeks ago. It’s the cutest, most fun thing. I love watching him explore our house and get into just about everything. Right now, one of his favorite things to go after in his new-found freedom is the plastic cap that fits over the screw holding the toilet to the floor. I have no idea why that’s so fascinating, but he’s always trying to get it. He also follows me around the house like a little puppy. I love it.

That push-up thing he was doing all the time has finally gone somewhere–it’s how he gets into a sitting position. Adorable. He’s also occasionally pulling up onto his knees, but these days he’s mostly interested in crawling. Really, crawling has changed so much about Andrick. He seems more outgoing, and I think he enjoys playing with other babies more now that he can move too. He also seems to have a shorter attention span, probably because he isn’t required to stay in the same spot for very long.

Andrick is doing very well with solid foods. He eats three meals a day, which usually consist of about 2 tablespoons of purees, some Cheerios (which he LOVES to pick up and put in his mouth) and some steamed carrots or apples. So far he is mostly eating fruits and vegetables. He’ll eat a little bit of cheese, but he’s not crazy about it. We’ve tried Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, and he hasn’t liked either of those (but we’ll keep trying). He also eats chicken pureed with sweet potatoes.

Since he’s been eating more, I’ve noticed that my breasts are fuller, which means he is taking less breastmilk. I know that’s normal at this age, but it does make me nervous about losing my supply! Which, again, would be normal and probably ok at this point if he wants to self-wean. But I hope he doesn’t. We went though a bout of biting a couple of weeks ago, and I realized that it was a reaction to not wanting to nurse. He’s still eager to do it when he’s hungry, but the days of comfort nursing seem to be pretty much at an end.

Nights are okay. Right now he’s in a pattern of two wake-ups per night. He nurses each time, so I guess he still needs (or just wants) a little extra milk during the nights. I’m definitely not ready to do anything about that at this point. Our bedtime book is still Pride and Prejudice.

Andrick is such a sweet, fun, happy little guy! We’re enjoying every second with him, and I can’t help but think that his baby days are numbered. Sigh, they are so sweet.



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