Ten months!

Double digits, baby! Andrick is ten months old today. He’s growing like a weed, and sometimes I look at him and can’t believe just how big he is and that it wasn’t so long ago that he was a scrawny little newborn. He’s still in nine-month clothes. They’re getting a little tight, but the twelve-month stuff is still just a little too big. He’s also still wearing size three diapers.

On the mobility front, Andrick still isn’t crawling, but he has his ways of getting around. He rocks and shuffles on his hands and knees, rolls, scoots, and stretches to get at what he wants. He’s also started popping up into a push-up position when he’s on his hands and knees. I’m not sure where this one is going–I haven’t seen another baby do this! But he does it all the time now. He’s also all about standing–not pulling up, but he is eager to stand when you try to put him down. We were a little concerned that he was so reluctant to put any weight on his legs. One morning, I put him on his knees in the crib, holding on to the side rail. After a couple minutes of doing that, he decided he wanted to stand and hasn’t looked back.

We’re back to working on solid foods after a little hiatus. I finally made the connection between the eczema flare-ups on his cheeks and the solids, so we stopped all food (he’s still nursing like a champ) for about a week and his cheeks cleared. Now we’re introducing things one by one, and his cheeks are getting a little bumpy again. After a consultation with his pediatrician, we came to the conclusion that he probably isn’t allergic to the specific foods he’s eating (which is really good, because so far he hasn’t tried any of the common allergens), but that the food and his saliva are irritating his sensitive skin. So that’s the current theory! We’re trying to get him back on the path to solids and focusing on eating them three times a day.

Andrick may or may not be saying a few words: dada, mum mum, and hey hey. He’s been babbling those things for a while, but it’s starting to seem like he uses them in appropriate situations. After a few rough weeks of many night wake-ups, he seems to have settled at one wake-up per night. And it’s usually around 10-11p or 5-6a, so that’s a pretty great schedule! We put him to bed around 6:30p and he generally gets up around 8a. Naps are shifting right now. I think he is getting ready to drop the morning nap, but that’s not every day just yet.

For bedtime books, we finally finished The Three Musketeers! We also read The Alchemist and have moved on to Pride and Prejudice. All great books, and I really look forward to hearing Andy read each night.

Andrick has had quite a few fun firsts over the past month. We’ve gone swimming a couple of times in a baby pool, visited several museums, and spent last Saturday at the North Carolina Aquarium in Fort Fisher. It’s really fun to be able to do things like this with him, and we just can’t wait to keep the adventures rolling this summer!



3 thoughts on “Ten months!

  1. 10 months?!? He is as adorable as ever. Have you taken him to the observation deck at RDU yet? My little guy loved it when he was A’s age. 🙂

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