Nine months!

Andrick is nine months old today! He weighs 18 pounds, 2 ounces, putting him in the 22nd percentile. Considering he was in the 10th percentile at his six month appointment, we were blown away by his weight gain! He’s 28 inches long. While his weight gain accelerated, his lengthening pace slowed, which has him looking a bit chubbier. I can’t get enough of his chunky little thighs. He’s in nine-month clothes and size three diapers. His hair keeps filling in too, and it makes him look older all the time.

There have been lots of changes over the past month. The first big one is physical. Andrick is so, so close to being able to crawl. He pushes up onto his hands and knees, rocks back and forth, and collapses just when it seems like he’s about to take off. He’s also gotten a lot better at sitting. Since about the beginning of January, he’s been spending lots of time in tripod sit, and in the past couple of days he’s doing more sitting up straight and less falling over. This means we’ve started putting him in a high chair in restaurants, and I’m going to try having him sit in a cart next time I go grocery shopping. Another small but significant change is that he will sometimes actually straighten his legs when you hold him in a standing position. He’s never had any interest in doing that before, but I guess he’s starting to think about pulling up as the next big step.

Another big change: two teeth! He doesn’t often show them off, but his two bottom teeth are definitely in. We call them Herman and Sherman, and wow were they slow about popping up. On the eating front, solids are still somewhat of a struggle but slowly improving. He seems to like (er, not hate) pureed acorn squash, and he loves banana in a mesh feeder. He also likes steamed carrots and is working on picking them up and bringing them to his mouth by himself. He actually did so successfully today for the first time and then proceeded to choke. Guess we need to work on chewing next. I also let him sample a pickle I was eating at lunch, and he made hilarious sour faces but kept coming back for more. This kid has interesting tastes. We’re trying to introduce a sippy cup, but so far if he gets it into his mouth, he just holds it there and stares at us.

He still loves to babble and giggle, and he’s pretty ticklish too. With all these changes going on, I guess it’s no surprise that he’s no longer sleeping through the night. Most nights, he wakes twice and wants to nurse, so it’s not terrible, but I sure do miss those 12-hour stretches of sleep. We’re still reading The Three Musketeers at bedtime, but I think we’re nearing the end. I’ll be sad when it’s over! Naps are still all over the place, but most days he takes two naps that are about 40 minutes each.


Andrick just came down with a bad cold, so he wasn’t his usual sunny self when I was trying to take his picture this morning. And clearly, the days of sit and grin at mommy are behind us. He’s way more interested in playing with Wellington the Duck.

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