Scenes from a baptism

Andrick was baptized in the Orthodox church this past weekend. It was such a special day! Orthodox do full immersion baptisms, so I was a little worried about how he would react, but he did great. Actually, he seemed to take it all in stride and was mostly interested in grabbing the priest’s beard, robe, prayer book, etc. Here’s the big dunk:


After he was baptized, he had the sweetest little white suit to wear that my stepmother made for him. It’s hard to see all of the detail in the pictures, but it has a little vest with tiny buttons, a collar, and even a little bow tie. I melted, over and over and over again.


Following the baptism, he received his first communion during regular Sunday liturgy. It was a long morning, but Andrick was so well behaved. Afterward we had a party for him with all of the family who’d come from out of town for the occasion. We enjoyed having everyone here, and I know Andrick loved all of the extra attention. It was the biggest event of his little life so far!

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