Bumpin’ along…

We took advantage of some fabulous January weather this weekend to break out a Christmas gift Andrick got from his Uncle Mike. The sunshine and 70 degree temps were too good to miss! Have you heard the kids song, “Bumpin’ along in my little red wagon?” I sing it to Andrick all the time, and naturally I couldn’t resist singing it as I pulled him around the yard.

January 2013

He had a blast. I think he really enjoyed being outside, looking around, and taking everything in. I was pleasantly surprised by how well he sat up in the wagon, because he’s not really the best sitter. Now I know I just need to distract him! He was happy to see the sights all around the yard.


Also great was the fact that he was happy sit and watch while we did a little yard work. All in all, we had a wonderful weekend!


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