Eight months!

Andrick is eight months old today! We’ll get an official weight and length check at his doctor’s appointment next month. He’s mostly wearing nine month clothes (although some six month onesies still fit) and size three diapers. His hair has gotten longer and fuller, and it’s a reddish-blond color.

Looking back at his seven-month post, I realized that not a whole lot has changed over the past month. He’s still trying to learn to crawl, still working on sitting, and still rolling all over the place. We moved into a bigger house, so he has lots more room to roam. He just loves to giggle and gets into moods where he’ll talk up a storm. His baby talk has gotten a lot more varied in terms of sounds he makes, and it often sounds like he is saying real words (dada, hey, ma) but they’re still unintentional at this point.

We introduced solid foods about 2 weeks ago, and Andrick is so not interested. We started with avocado puree and have since moved to sweet potato pureed with breast milk. He watches us eat and reaches for our food, but when it comes to his food he really doesn’t like it. We’ll just keep trying, and eventually he’ll get the hang of it. Otherwise, he’s still exclusively breastfed and doesn’t seem to have any problem getting enough to eat. No teeth yet, but I think his bottom two teeth will pop through any day now.

His first Christmas was a big hit. He got really into opening his presents and is having a lot of fun playing with his new toys. I’m really impressed by the fact that he knows how to work toys we haven’t even showed him how to use! He did great with the long car ride to Pittsburgh, being off his sleep schedule, and being inundated with lots of relatives. He even got to meet three of his great grandparents–my maternal grandmother and my stepmother’s mom and dad. It was so cool to see.

I don’t want to jinx anything, but Andrick seems to be back to sleeping through the night, for about 12-hour stretches. He generally wakes up any time between about 5 and 7, eats, and then we go back to bed. We get up for the day around 8 or 9, and most days he takes morning and afternoon naps for about 30-40 minutes each. Our bedtime book is still The Three Musketeers. He’s in such a fun, playful stage, and we love every minute!


I swear I didn’t pose him like that. These pictures are getting a lot harder to take! Instead of just sitting there and smiling at me, he wants to play with the duck. And with a big old tooth trying to break through, he wasn’t in the mood to smile for the camera today.

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