Seven months!

Andrick is seven months old today! I don’t have official growth numbers, but he sure does seem to get heavier every day. He’s between six- and nine-month clothes–definitely nine-month pants, but he’s still wearing six-month tops. We’re still using size two diapers during the day and size three at night. On the growth front, Andrick has hair! It’s very light and wispy, but it’s definitely there and you can’t call him baldy anymore.

I think smiles and giggles are the biggest theme of Andrick’s current phase. He grins readily, even for strangers, and I see that big, toothless grin all day long. He giggles when we play, and sometimes at the most random things. I was holding him while spraying a dish with olive oil, and he cracked up. He’s also all about rolling. I think it’s his preferred method of travel. He’s trying to hard to crawl, but he just can’t get it together and gets really frustrated when he’s scooting along with his face in the carpet. That scooting is mostly going backward. But he can roll over and over like a champ, and it’s a little alarming how quickly he can get across a room. We’re working on sitting a lot, and he’s starting to get the hang of tripod sitting, although he won’t do it for long. A lot of the activities I listed in his six-month post are still big hits. He loves to blow raspberries and send rivers of drool running down his chin. He’s also still grabbing his feet and occasionally putting them in his mouth.

He’s very interested in textures now, especially smooth textures. He loves to feel books, hardwood floors, and anything really glossy like that. And, of course, he’s grabbing at anything that’s in front of him.

Those wonderful nights of full sleep have come to an end. He wakes to feed at least once most nights. We haven’t introduced any solid foods yet (although he has gotten the hang of nomming carrot sticks), and I wonder if that will help him sleep through the night again. Our bedtime book is still The Three Musketeers, and I imagine it will be the bedtime book for quite some time. His favorite way to sleep seems to be face down with his butt up in the air. It’s adorable. Naps have gotten significantly better, thank goodness! He’s nursing every 2-3 hours during the day–for the most part, it’s when he goes down for a nap and again when he wakes up. I’ve gotten less strict about tracking it.

Andrick has gradually gotten more vocal, in that he is making a lot of new kinds of sounds. One of his favorites sounds like “hey, hey, hey” over and over again. I can’t overstate the cuteness of his giggles and squeals when we’re playing. He’s such a delight, and we love him so much.


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