I was SO excited to take Andrick to the pumpkin patch. I was pregnant when we went last year, and I remember daydreaming about returning with our little one. So, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed at how the trip actually went. For one thing, he was suffering from teething misery, which meant he wasn’t terribly happy to begin with. While we were there, he was totally distracted by the kids running around, yelling, and having so much fun. We could hardly get him to look at the camera for a picture, let alone smile. He looks similar to this in pretty much every picture:

And then I think he was worried I was going to leave him on a haystack:

So, Andrick’s first pumpkin patch experience didn’t live up to my high expectations of family frolicking. I mean, he’s five and a half months old. What did I really expect him to do? This experience reinforced, for me, that raising a child isn’t just about the big milestones. Sure, those are great and exciting. But what’s really important is what happens every day. And I suspect, looking back some day, I’ll be more likely to remember the impromptu dance party we had last night or the way he smiles at me when I go to get him out of his crib in the morning.

And maybe by next year he’ll acquire his mother’s love for pumpkins.


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