Some updates:

1. Andrick had his first up all night screaming sickness last week. Andy and I learned that we know nothing about fevers. Despite our bungling, Andrick survived and is pretty much back to normal, other than a little lingering congestion and an occasional cough that makes him sound like a tiny chain smoker.

2. We acquired two new pieces of equipment during his sickness. The Nose Frida is every bit as gross and awesome as everyone says. Seriously, that thing works. We also got a Crane humidifier, which worked great until it started sounding like a jet engine after 4 or 5 nights. The company offered to replace it, but I’m seriously annoyed.

3. Now that Andrick is back to his jolly old self, he is trying to roll over. He’s very close, and watching him strain to get there is hilarious. Sometimes I give him the extra push he needs to get over just to see the look of surprise on his face.

4. Eczema continues to be a mystery. I’ve pretty much given up on the elimination diets since none of them seem to help. His flare-ups come and go, but it hasn’t gotten really severe again. Here’s hoping he will grow out of it.

5. I have started doing some freelance/contract work from home. It is nice to be working again, and I’m figuring out how to balance that with taking care of Andrick. Thank goodness he goes to bed early, because he really doesn’t nap long enough for me to accomplish much.

6. We’re taking our first road trip this weekend. 6 hours in the car with a 4 month old. Pray for us!


One thought on “Scatterbrain

  1. You are great parents and Andrick is one lucky little guy! You will do fine with the road trip. Give yourself extra time so you can stop and get him out of the car seat for feedings and diaper changes. He may surprise you and sleep most of the time!
    Love you lots.

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