Eczema update and date night

The update is that eliminating dairy and soy for nearly 3 weeks didn’t work. Actually, I think Andrick’s skin may have gotten worse during that time. We had a follow-up appointment with his pediatrician, who started him on a course of steroid cream to try to clear up his skin and bring him some relief. It made a dramatic difference–his skin is so soft and clear now. So that’s a step in the right direction, but I don’t want him to be on steroid cream for a long time. And I want to fix this! The doctor suggested that he may need the steroid cream on and off for the next few years, but one small glimmer of good news is that he’s likely to grow out of it by age 4 or 5.

In the meantime, I’m on a bit more in-depth quest to find the cause. I’ve cut the six common allergens out of my diet: dairy, soy, wheat, nuts, seafood, and eggs. Which means I’m eating a lot of…um…meat and vegetables. This diet is no fun. But, as I keep telling myself, it’s not for long. After doing it for a week or two, I’ll start adding the allergens back in, one by one, to try to figure out which might be responsible for aggravating Andrick’s eczema. A bonus is that I can finally spell allergens correctly.

In other news, Andy and I finally went on our first post-baby date. My parents were in town over the weekend, and they urged us to go out. To be honest, I reeeeeeeeeeally didn’t want to. And Andy wanted to even less. Some tears may have been shed. But, by the time we got to the restaurant (Meelo’s in Durham–crummy location, awesome food, definitely a hidden gem), had a few sips of our drinks, and started perusing the tapas, we actually realized we were enjoying ourselves. I think we even got a little silly with excitement at being out! For dinner! And Andrick apparently didn’t miss us. We were so worried about missing bedtime, but my stepmom said he went right to sleep, and he continued to sleep until about 1 am. Now that we got that first one out of the way, I think date night may need to become a more regular occurrence.


One thought on “Eczema update and date night

  1. Oh Sara, so glad you two finally made it out on your own. It’s important to still be a couple !!! You are such wonderful parents and Andrick will never want for your love, but a strong relationship between you and Andy is what will keep all that love going, so don’t be afraid to go out once in awhile. Especially when Andrick is in such good hands as a Gramma and Grandpa !!! Love you all !!!!

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