Three months!

Andrick is three months old today! I don’t know his exact weight, but when we were at the pediatrician last week he was 11 lbs 13 oz. He gains an average of 8 ounces a week, so he’s definitely over 12 pounds by now! We’ll get official measurements at his 4 month appointment. He’s fully into his 3 month clothes, and we even had to put away some three month clothes that ran a bit small. I don’t think he’ll be in three month clothes much longer.

Andrick’s personality has really started to develop over this past month. He’s full of smiles and loves to talk and coo. If only I spoke his language! But he’ll go back and forth making sounds with me, and it really does feel like we’re having a conversation. His little eyes light up and he smiles and he’s just so expressive that I turn into a puddle. He is also content to play by himself for about 20-30 minutes at a time, which is just great for me. I can put him in his play gym, and he’ll go to town batting at the toys and cooing while I take care of things around the house or squeeze in a quick workout. This has been a very new development. One day he was lying down and I was doing something in the same room, and all of a sudden he started cooing–totally unprompted. Before that, he would only smile or coo if he was interacting with one of us. We’ve also gotten into a pretty good eat-play-sleep daytime routine. Those naps are usually around 20 minutes long, but if we go out somewhere or if I lie down with him, he’ll take one longer nap in the afternoon.

Andrick’s poor, sensitive skin has broken out with both cradle cap and eczema over the last month. I hate to see him so itchy and uncomfortable. However, from a developmental standpoint, it is absolutely astounding to us that he can work his hands well enough to scratch where he itches. I’ve also seen him push his pacifier into his mouth when it’s started to fall out. His other favorite thing to do with his hands is to suck on them. He hasn’t mastered the individual fingers very well yet (although I do occasionally see a thumb near his mouth) but he is often trying to stick a whole fist in his mouth. He doesn’t seem to do it as a self-soothing mechanism, but just more exploratory at this point. And the louder he can smack his lips, the better.

He nurses every 2 hours during the day, and nights have a lot of variation. Sometimes we get 4 or 5 hour stretches; other nights he’s up every 3 hours. I wish he would make those 4-5 hour stretches the norm, but I’m sure he’ll get there in his own time. We’ve also been doing some great bedtime reading (Andy reads to use while Andrick nurses). We just finished 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and have started Treasure Island. We read kids’ books during the day, and it’s hit or miss whether he’ll sit through a whole book or get distracted.

I don’t see such a huge physical difference this month from his two month picture, but the personality/disposition changes from months two to three have been just as dramatic as the physical changes from months one to two. As much as I miss that darling, squishy newborn stage, watching Andrick develop is just so amazing.


One thought on “Three months!

  1. haha, he’s bigger than Mister Duck now !!! Look how long his legs are !!! Thanks for the great update. I told Jim last night that I would have to call today for a grandbaby fix !!! Talk to you later !!! Love and hugs to all !!

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