No, this is not another post about Andrick’s bodily fluids. The poor little guy has eczema. It’s been a minor thing for several weeks now, but lately it has gotten a lot worse. He has also had cradle cap, which seemed like it was getting better but is now flaring up again. So, I finally took him to the pediatrician. Who, among other things, suggested cutting dairy and soy out of my diet. I pretty much knew that was coming, but I’ve been a little overwhelmed just thinking about how to do it. It was good to talk through it with Andrick’s doctor. One thing I didn’t think of is just how many foods contain milk protein. She said I really need to read labels over the next two weeks and avoid everything with any milk or soy. If the diet helps his eczema, I can start adding in things like baked goods and see what happens.

I picked up some almond milk yesterday, and it’s actually pretty good. I think it’ll work well for baking, not to mention drinking straight or putting on cereal. I told Andy he’s going to have to go on a dairy binge in the refrigerator so that all of the milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese etc doesn’t go to waste. One of my big concerns is getting enough protein, because that’s already a struggle without restrictions. Even though this diet will be a huge pain, I hope it works for Andrick. I won’t be thrilled to give up dairy for the duration of breastfeeding, but nothing else we’ve tried on his eczema has worked so far. I’m also curious to see if I notice any changes in the way I feel. So, anyone have any good dairy-free recipes or favorite snacks that don’t contain milk protein?b

And speaking of breastfeeding, I think it has finally gotten manageable. I’m so thankful for everyone who commented or sent me messages on my last post on the topic. Breastfeeding still doesn’t exactly feel good, but it is significantly less painful. And my nipples are significantly less sensitive between feedings. Clearly the “breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt” message doesn’t apply to me. But I think we’ve gotten to a place where it’s ok.


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