Urine is sterile, right?

Today’s score: Andrick 1, Mommy 0. We were out doing errands and he was sleeping soundly, so I decided to pop into Old Navy. I shopped around a little and he woke up but was pretty peaceful. We got into a dressing room and I realized he stunk. Now, Andrick only poops once every few days, so it tends to be, um, a big deal when he goes. Also, whoever said a breastfed baby’s poop doesn’t smell was full of it.

I started changing him there in the dressing room. Fortunately everything had stayed in his diaper, so while it was a mess, it was manageable. He popped his pacifier out of his mouth and it landed on the bench. Not wanting to put Old Navy dressing room germs in his mouth, I started digging for pacifier wipes, because he was really fussing.

That’s when it happened. The air pee. Dreaded by boy moms everywhere. Yes, everywhere is exactly where pee went. My leg, my dress, my shoe, the bench, the wall, the floor. So, after I finished cleaning the baby, I had to clean everything else with baby wipes. Too bad I left my spray bottle of bleach at home this time. Also, why doesn’t anyone tell you to pack a change of clothes for yourself in the diaper bag?

Of course by this point he was really screaming, so I proceeded to sit in that pee-soaked dressing room and nurse him. So much for my fear of dressing room germs. When we got home I told him I needed to take a shower because he’d peed all over me, and I swear he shot me his first smirk. First of many, I’m sure.



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