Posted in July 2012

Three months!

Andrick is three months old today! I don’t know his exact weight, but when we were at the pediatrician last week he was 11 lbs 13 oz. He gains an average of 8 ounces a week, so he’s definitely over 12 pounds by now! We’ll get official measurements at his 4 month appointment. He’s fully … Continue reading


No, this is not another post about Andrick’s bodily fluids. The poor little guy has eczema. It’s been a minor thing for several weeks now, but lately it has gotten a lot worse. He has also had cradle cap, which seemed like it was getting better but is now flaring up again. So, I finally … Continue reading

Urine is sterile, right?

Today’s score: Andrick 1, Mommy 0. We were out doing errands and he was sleeping soundly, so I decided to pop into Old Navy. I shopped around a little and he woke up but was pretty peaceful. We got into a dressing room and I realized he stunk. Now, Andrick only poops once every few … Continue reading


So far, Andrick has slept on the shoulders of three of his grandmothers. He’s one lucky kid.