What a little gentleman

Andrick and I made our first venture out of the house yesterday–just the two of us. Andy went back to work on Monday, so the little guy and I have been slowly figuring out our days. Yesterday we went to Target. Andrick slept in the Moby Wrap the entire time and I quickly realized that taking a newborn out is way less complicated than, say, a toddler.

Anyway, I overheard this priceless conversation between a mom and her little boy:

Kid (passing by me): Mom, look at that girl with the baby!

Mom: Yes, that’s a little baby.

Kid: We’d better not hit her with our cart!

Mom: No…

Thanks kid. I appreciate you looking out for me.



3 thoughts on “What a little gentleman

  1. Baahhahahahaha!!! That’s so cute! Sounds like the kids in NC are a lot more polite than the kids in MD. 😉
    I’m glad you figured out the moby.

  2. You are so right about babies being way easier to take out than toddlers !! These southern men have great manners don’t they, even the ” little ” southern men!!

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