Posted in May 2012

One month!

Andrick is one month old today! He’s weighing in at a hefty 7 lbs, 13 oz and is 21.5 inches long. He’s still wearing newborn-sized clothes (and they actually fit him now, unlike when he was born and swimming in everything) and newborn diapers. Just in the past couple of days, he gained the ability … Continue reading

Mommy quotes

These are a few favorites I’ve found on Pinterest (follow me!). Each image is linked back to the original pin. I thought I would think about this one during labor. It turned out there wasn’t time to think about much of anything during labor, but I still think it fits very well. I loved this … Continue reading

What a little gentleman

Andrick and I made our first venture out of the house yesterday–just the two of us. Andy went back to work on Monday, so the little guy and I have been slowly figuring out our days. Yesterday we went to Target. Andrick slept in the Moby Wrap the entire time and I quickly realized that … Continue reading

Andrick’s birth story

I love reading birth stories, and as I prepared for my own labor, I found them incredibly reassuring and empowering. If all of these women could get through this, so could I. In that spirit, I want to share Andrick’s birth story. If you’re squeamish or not into the idea of natural childbirth, please skip … Continue reading

Look what we did!

It’s a boy! We welcomed Andrick Michael to the world on April 27th at 9:39a. He is absolutely perfect, and we’re slowly getting back on our feet at home. Birth story to come!