Growing green onions

Did you know that you can use the bottoms of green onions to grow new ones? I thought this was pretty cool (and economical, because I always seem to buy a bundle and can’t use them all before they go bad). You just put the white bulbs with the little roots in a shot glass of water and give them a week or so. The roots will grow, and you’ll also get new onion shoots coming out the other end. From here you can plant them, and they’ll keep growing.

At least, until a friendly neighborhood squirrel comes along and decides he wants to dig them up.

Anybody have any tips for keeping the squirrels away from your plants? They dug up a bunch of my iris bulbs this year and are often threatening my succulents too.


2 thoughts on “Growing green onions

  1. Great idea! I’ve been wanting to plant these but never took the time to read about how to do it 🙂 No idea about the squirrels, tho. Could you sprinkle cayenne pepper all over them? It keeps the snails away! Maybe it would bug the squirrels too.

  2. Down here in the Ozarks we keep them away with a pellet rifle, and then we put the green onions in our squirrel and dumplins !!!

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