Full term!

Yes! We are 37 weeks along today, which means this baby is welcome to come out any time he or she would like! For the record, mommy and daddy are hoping that is soon.

I’m still feeling quite good–just big and slow. Many of my maternity clothes are getting too tight, which is unfortunate because it seems ridiculous to buy new ones at this point. But considering all the late-pregnancy complaints you hear, I am pretty pleased with the current state of affairs. And so excited.


3 thoughts on “Full term!

  1. Yay for being full term! I think I only had two maternity outfits that fit properly by the end of my pregnancy. You look great!

  2. YAY! I mostly just wore big-ass dresses when I was full term. Everything else was waaaay too complicated.

    I hope baby is timely for you. The last part of pregnancy takes just forever.

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