Posted in April 2012

Growing green onions

Did you know that you can use the bottoms of green onions to grow new ones? I thought this was pretty cool (and economical, because I always seem to buy a bundle and can’t use them all before they go bad). You just put the white bulbs with the little roots in a shot glass … Continue reading

Full term!

Yes! We are 37 weeks along today, which means this baby is welcome to come out any time he or she would like! For the record, mommy and daddy are hoping that is soon. I’m still feeling quite good–just big and slow. Many of my maternity clothes are getting too tight, which is unfortunate because … Continue reading

Breech baby

Mine is not! Any more! But he or she was stubbornly breech until last week, and I’d gotten the direction from my midwife to try everything to get him or her to turn before 34 weeks. I thought I would recap what I did (I didn’t feel the baby turn, so I really don’t know … Continue reading