Thoughts on the mini crib?

Ok mommies, help me out here. Our nursery is a tiny, tiny room. We found a mini crib at Babies R Us that seems like a perfect option for the size of the room we have.

That’s the Delta Riley Mini Crib. I guess you can’t really tell from that picture, but it’s significantly smaller than all the other cribs we’ve seen. Most of the reviews say that you need to buy a thicker mattress, and the sheets are a little harder to find. Otherwise, it seems to get pretty good reviews. For those of you who already have a little one rolling around in a crib, what are your thoughts? Does baby really need all that extra room? Are we going to end up getting something bigger halfway through the first year? Anyone tried the mini crib?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the mini crib?

  1. Skah, I saw those cribs. They are SO cute!!! My thing is, though, that we have a convertible crib so for Asher (or if he ever has a sibling) we can convert our crib to a toddler bed and then a full bed. The thing is that the standard sized crib mattresses are also the size of toddler beds. The sheets would be harder to find. At first Asher looked SOOOOOO teeny in his crib but now he takes up most of it (and he’s a teeny boy!) He tosses and turns around that thing at night. Obviously, if he had a smaller crib he wouldn’t but I definitely feel like he uses it. It’s also nice at this point that he plays that if I have to grab a shower I can put him in there with toys and he has some room to move and groove. We kinda thought of our crib as an investment that we’ll probably use for more kids. You might not always live in a teeny place. Plus, the nursery really doesn’t NEED much…crib, chair, changing area. Not like you have to squeeze in too many other things. Those are just my thoughts! 🙂

  2. That crib is ADORABLE. Our baby (6 mo) would be just fine in it, but our 2.5 year old is still in a crib and needs a full-size crib to have enough room. I suppose if we’d run out of room we would have just gotten a big-girl bed, but she does so well in the crib, we figure why mess with what’s working?

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