Second ultrasound

We had our anatomy scan, in which baby tried as hard as possible to not show us much. Either he or she is just plain stubborn, or else a good listener. I’d really hoped we wouldn’t accidentally find out the gender, and we didn’t! Baby is in the breach position, which doesn’t mean much at this point, other than helping me figure out where exactly this baby is located in my body. I’m getting lots of kicks down low and now I know why. Baby was also lying on its stomach (seemingly asleep when the ultrasound started) and content to give us good views of the spine. And what a lovely spine it is.

We also saw a cute little finger pointing at something:

I have no idea what other body parts are showing in that one. Our last ultrasound seemed very clear, and it was pretty obvious what most of the structures were. This time around, we had a much harder time understanding what we were looking at.

So that should be the end of baby pictures until baby is actually here. Unless there are complications, we don’t intend to have another ultrasound. I’ll just keep enjoying those swift little kicks.


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