Beauty stuff

I don’t think I’m terribly high maintenance in terms of using tons of beauty products, but I do love me some beauty products. If you’re in my boat, read on.

First of all, my sister is a Mary Kay consultant, and I’ve gotten a lot of fun makeup from her that I really like. My current favorite is the cream blush. I’ve always been terrified of blush. I don’t know how to apply it and I’m worried I look like a clown when I wear it. When I got the cream blush, I thought, this is way too pink. It’s going to look ridiculous. But…it doesn’t. And I find it a lot easier to apply with my fingers, rather than trying to apply powder blush with a brush. It gives me a nice glow that looks natural and not like I’m wearing blush (at least I don’t think so. But no one has laughed at me so I’m going to run with it).

Another fun thing I just started a few months ago is Birchbox. For $10 a month, you get a box of sample beauty products in the mail. There are products for hair, skin, nails, makeup, etc. First off, I like samples because they’re great for traveling. But it also gives me the excuse to try fancy new products without actually buying them. It’s sort of like Christmas morning at Ulta, except you can stay in your pjs. And if you know me, you know I’m pro anything that involves staying in my pjs. If you happen to click that link up there and become a Birchbox subscriber, I get points in my Birchbox account. I think they give me discounts on full sized products or something. If you like playing with products, I highly recommend checking it out.


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