Week in review

This is my 100th post. Woo! What a crazy week it’s been. Here’s what went down:

Monday: We arrived at work to find our office had been broken into and trashed on Sunday night. There was stuff everywhere and our monitors, some computers, and some other random items were gonzo. We’re pretty sure it was a bunch of dumb thugs looking for cash. Still, what a scary sight! Our office is in a rather seedy neighborhood, but honestly I’ve never felt unsafe there. Until now.

Tuesday: We tried to get back to normal at work. I came home and made mac n cheese from scratch. Halfway through I remembered why I don’t really like homemade mac n cheese–the sauce is always grainy. Anyone have a good recipe for smooth cheese sauce? And I’m not talking about velveeta here. I may keep playing with the recipe, because aside from the sauce texture this seemed to be missing something flavor-wise.

Wednesday: Ultrasound! And then I proceeded to have a huge smile on my face all day thinking about that little love wiggling away in my tummy.

Thursday: I attended a small business marketing workshop, which was nice in that I rarely have opportunities for professional development. Not so nice in that I had to leave the house by 7:30a and eat and pee on a conference schedule. Not so easy to do when you’re pregnant. In the evening I attended my first prenatal yoga class. I guess I was expecting a little more of a workout, but it ended up being mostly stretching. Which is good too. I bought a package and am going to try to go at least once a week. It was also fun seeing all the different belly sizes on other women in the class.

Friday: Thank goodness for Fridays. I’m really ready for the weekend to begin! On my list: figuring out the dimensions of the room that will become baby’s nursery and what the heck will fit in there. It’s a pretty small room…but babies are small, right? Also, I’m pumped to be hosting Thanksgiving this year and need to start my planning for the meal. I’m not sure which is better: the planning or the eating.


3 thoughts on “Week in review

  1. Pre-natal yoga feels stupidly easy at first, but when you’re in your third trimester, just stretching is a whole lot more work than you ever would imagine. 🙂

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