Baby’s first photos!

We had our first ultrasound yesterday, and let me just say it was the coolest thing. I can’t stop looking at the pictures, but they don’t do justice to actually seeing the baby move. I think we could’ve stayed there all day watching that baby squirm and wave! Everything with baby looked healthy and normal. My uterus has come forward, which was a relief. It was tipped back at my last appointment, and while I wasn’t hugely worried, there are (according to google) rare cases where it doesn’t come forward and causes a miscarriage. So that’s one less thing to worry about!

The biggest news was that baby is measuring ahead of where we thought, which officially put me at 14 weeks as of yesterday. I’m not sure if my midwife will concur at my next visit, but I guess this means I’m out of the first trimester. And still feeling just about the same. Come on second trimester magic! At any rate, I take the dating of the pregnancy with a huge grain of salt. The reason we had the ultrasound in the first place was because I have short cycles, and my midwife wanted to confirm dates. Well, I have a pretty good idea of when we conceived, and it was just one day short of consistent with counting from my last period. So now I wonder if baby is a little accelerated or if it’s just that babies grow differently and you can’t really put an exact timeline on their development. I’m thinking it’s the latter and am not going to focus on a specific due date–just on baby arriving sometime in early-to-mid-May. Andy is hoping baby comes on his birthday, which would be pretty cool too.

In that second picture, I think that’s a tiny fist by baby’s face. We love this little one so much!


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