Halloween was lots of fun! At least it was for me, since I got to stay in a warm, dry house to hand out candy. It was cold and rainy, but we still got about 45 kids. Here are a few highlights of the evening:

Little zombie: Can I have two pieces of candy?
Me: You can have as many as you want.
Zombie: I’ll just take two, thanks.

Dad dressed as a run-over pizza guy, with his 2-year-old: Take a piece of candy, buddy.
2-year-old shyly takes piece of candy, then turns to a pot of mums on the porch: FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!
He proceeded to grab a mum blossom, which was apparently way more exciting than candy.

As the night wore on, the kids got older. We had two with distinctive facial piercings. In my humble opinion, if you’re old enough to get your lip pierced, you’re too old to trick-or-treat. I remember being utterly devastated when my parents wouldn’t let me trick-or-treat after eighth grade. Looking back, I think they were on to something. I also think we probably won’t take our baby trick-or-treating until he or she is old enough to actually eat candy. A woman came to my door carrying a pretty young little girl, and all I could think was, come on lady, we both know this candy is going straight to you. Plus, that baby wasn’t even wearing a costume. Just a cute hat.

This was definitely the best Halloween I can remember in a while. I’m already excited for next year, hopefully with warmer weather!


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