Posted in November 2011

Beauty stuff

I don’t think I’m terribly high maintenance in terms of using tons of beauty products, but I do love me some beauty products. If you’re in my boat, read on. First of all, my sister is a Mary Kay consultant, and I’ve gotten a lot of fun makeup from her that I really like. My … Continue reading

Week in review

This is my 100th post. Woo! What a crazy week it’s been. Here’s what went down: Monday: We arrived at work to find our office had been broken into and trashed on Sunday night. There was stuff everywhere and our monitors, some computers, and some other random items were gonzo. We’re pretty sure it was … Continue reading

Baby’s first photos!

We had our first ultrasound yesterday, and let me just say it was the coolest thing. I can’t stop looking at the pictures, but they don’t do justice to actually seeing the baby move. I think we could’ve stayed there all day watching that baby squirm and wave! Everything with baby looked healthy and normal. … Continue reading

Flu shot

One of the challenges that comes with being pregnant is making a lot of medical decisions. Obviously I’ve made medical decisions for myself before, but they carry a whole lot more weight when there’s a baby involved! One that I’ve really agonized over is whether to get a flu shot. I’ve never gotten one before. … Continue reading


Halloween was lots of fun! At least it was for me, since I got to stay in a warm, dry house to hand out candy. It was cold and rainy, but we still got about 45 kids. Here are a few highlights of the evening: Little zombie: Can I have two pieces of candy? Me: … Continue reading