I stopped blogging for a while. Obviously, since my last post was in May. It corresponded with me trying to drop a few pounds and get in better shape, which led to spending way more time at the gym than I did in the kitchen. I’ve missed writing here, and lately I’ve been wanting to pick it up again. I don’t think I’m cut out to be a real food blogger. Taking the pictures is kind of a pain, and I’m not really skilled at photography anyway. Besides, there is a whole stack of bloggers out there already who are better at food blogging than I could hope to be.

If I start my blog back up again, what will it be about? Well, for one thing, I have some life-altering news to share: I’m pregnant! Just over 11 weeks, in fact. We’re expecting the baby sometime in mid-May and we are over-the-moon excited. So perhaps I’ll enter the world of mommy blogging, or just write about pregnancy and baby and food and crafting and gardening and whatever else happens in life. Does a blog really have to have a specific theme? And more importantly, am I that concerned about following some arbitrary blog-dom rules?

I read a lot of other blogs on a regular basis, and they made me want to start one of my own in the first place. I find blogging to be a sense of community on certain topics that, for varying reasons, I don’t have in real life. So I think I’ll jump back into the writing side of it and see what unfolds.


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