Take Steps walk day

We had such a blast at the Take Steps walk last weekend! The 800+ walkers in the Charlotte event raised over $118,000 to support research into Crohn’s and Colitis. It. Was. Awesome. Also, our team had awesome shirts:

Do you get it? It’s a semicolon because Amy only has part of her colon. hehehe GI humor meets grammar nerds. There was another team called the Rump Runners, which I thought was equally awesome. Unfortunately we didn’t win the t-shirt contest (bitter). However, we did get to see Amy dance on stage, so it was all worth it in the end.

Apparently she’s doing the q-tip. She rocks. Here are a few more pictures from the day–the walk was held at Freedom Park in Charlotte, which is just gorgeous.

So, I feel I have to explain the ethereal glow in our team photo. I asked a guy to take  picture of our whole group, and when I handed him my camera he took the lens with his palm. Somehow that translated into the best group picture ever, because I can’t think of another recent photo where we are all smiling, looking at the camera, etc. But of course it’s blurry. And of course I still insist on using it.

Fortunately I managed to wipe the lens clean before dinner:

We adjourned to Jim ‘N Nicks for bbq, where my dad made us all tear up with a toast to our amazing Amy. After that I continued weeping over the amazing cheese muffins, because man are those the greatest muffins ever.

I’m so thankful for everyone who supported our team in the Take Steps walk! We raised over $2,400!


4 thoughts on “Take Steps walk day

  1. Love these photos, and the glowing one is the best. So happy to be there with you all, and the cheese muffins were the perfect end to the day 🙂

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