Posted in May 2011

Take Steps walk day

We had such a blast at the Take Steps walk last weekend! The 800+ walkers in the Charlotte event raised over $118,000 to support research into Crohn’s and Colitis. It. Was. Awesome. Also, our team had awesome shirts: Do you get it? It’s a semicolon because Amy only has part of her colon. hehehe GI … Continue reading

Yellow birthday cake

When Andy told me he wanted yellow cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday, my mind went straight to a box. But I thought no, surely somebody out there has a killer recipe for yellow cake from scratch. Thank goodness the SmittenKitchen came through for me! This recipe worked perfectly. The cake is crumbly and … Continue reading

Take Steps

This past Christmas didn’t really feel like Christmas for us. On Christmas eve, while we were doing our traditional Holy Night preparations, my sister was rushed to the hospital with a strong pain on her right side. We thought she had appendicitis. In the ER, they found air in her abdomen–not good. They rushed her … Continue reading