Five for Friday

Whew, it’s been a while since I posted! Traveling always does that to me. In the past couple of weeks, I was in Florida for work, and then DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Time to whip my blog writing–and cooking, for that matter–back into shape. Here are 5 random updates on my life.

  1. The DoubleTree in Arlington, VA, lost my debit card. That’s right. The waiter took it away to charge our over-priced buffet breakfasts, and it was never to be seen again. If for some reason you stay there, don’t eat breakfast in the restaurant. Or at least use cash. Sheesh.
  2. Andy and I joined a gym! And we’ve actually been going! It really helps to go together. My past fitness exploits have been inconsistent at best, and I think trying to do it alone has been a big part of that.
  3. I recently discovered cheddar string cheese at Trader Joe’s. Well, I don’t think it’s really string cheese, given that it’s cheddar, but it’s packaged that way. Anyway, that stuff is SO GOOD.
  4. Last night, around 3a, a guy was driving down our street and smashed into a car parked in front of our neighbor’s house. I don’t know how he was going fast enough to do so much damage, but it was loud and it was bad. And it scared the crap outta me. What’s funny is that we never witnessed anything like this in our years in Chicago, and I never would’ve expected it in our quiet little neighborhood in Durham.
  5. I want to make this, but I despise chickpeas. At least I think I do. I don’t know that I’ve tasted one since about 1988. Except for humus smothered in other really strong flavors that negate any of the chickpea flavor. And even that I don’t love. At any rate, I’m trying to think of another base, because the other ingredients in that chickpea salad sound really good. I don’t think pasta would quite cut it. Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. How did you not mention the revolving room in the Double Tree and all it’s awesome-ness (I think you know what I mean) HA!

    • Its awesomeness simply doesn’t compare to the awesomeness of cheddar string cheese. Besides, I think I’ve given the DoubleTree enough space on my blog for one year at least.

  2. 1. The only way I can stick to working out is if my husband does it with me. Which means I RARELY stick to working out. Because he works so much he has very little time to work out, ever. SIGH.

    2. I think pasta WOULD be good instead of chickpeas! Or possibly something like orzo or quinoa. I think you could throw some grilled chicken in there and it would be delicious too. Or mushrooms! Mmm! The flavors are amazing together, and I think they would work well with a TON of different things. (I would say, try it with chickpeas! But I like chickpeas. If you told me to just try something with tomatoes, I would still not want to try it because I hate tomatoes. So I am not saying that. It is chickpea-y.)

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