604 West Morgan

I had a work trip this week, which always seems to mess with my cooking and eating habits. Which isn’t so great, because I have another work trip coming up next week, and then more travel at the end of the month. Anyway, to celebrate the end of a long week, Andy and I had dinner last night at 604 West Morgan. And wow. Just, wow.

When we were planning our move from Chicago to Durham, one of our (albeit less pressing) worries was that we were giving up easy access to so many world-class restaurants. While in Chicago we had at least 10 awesome choices within very easy walking distance of our apartment. Easy access, no thought or planning involved. And of course there are zillions of places if we wanted to venture a little further. Since we moved, we’ve been a little frustrated on that front–I keep hearing that Durham is a foodie town, but where are all the good places?! Well, turns out we just needed to put in a bit more effort.

Halfway through our dinner at 604 West Morgan, Andy commented that he felt like we were “back at home.” Everything was perfect–the wine, the food, the service, and the ambiance. It’s in Durham’s West Village, which is a bunch of old factories and warehouses that have been beautifully rehabbed–mostly into apartments and office space. 604 West Morgan is relatively new (I believe it opened in the fall of 2010) and is tucked in amongst the buildings, almost in a courtyard. It has a nice outdoor seating area that I can’t wait to go back and enjoy this summer.

The food was just outstanding–fresh, inventive, and delicious. It’s Italian, but I’d describe it as more Italian-inspired. We started with polenta that was topped with a mix of wild mushrooms and an incredibly yummy cream sauce. Following that, I had the Rigatoni Bolognese, and Andy had their special–gorgonzola-crusted filet. Both dishes were outstanding and looked lovely. For dessert, we shared a piece of chocolate mousse cake. Y-U-M.

I’m so glad we ventured out last night. I’ve put together a list of restaurants that I want to try in Durham, and this one renewed my faith that we can find our fair share of good spots that we’ll enjoy just as much as our Chicago favorites.


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