Five for Friday

We modern girls love our products, right? Here are five personal care products I could not possibly get by without.

  1. Renew lotion by Melaleuca. I put this on every day after taking my shower, and I’m so addicted that my skin just feels wrong without it.
  2. ChapStick Moisturizer. There’s just no substitute.
  3. Fat Hair Zero Calories conditioner. They don’t sell this in North Carolina. I don’t understand why. It’s a big problem. Thank goodness for the internet.
  4. Brown eye shadow. I’ve been wearing this from one brand or another for about as long as I can remember wearing makeup. It just works for me.
  5. Electric toothbrush. Call me lazy, but I don’t feel quite as invigorated when I brush with a regular toothbrush. I prefer to pair it with Melaleuca’s whitening toothpaste. Yes, I am a wee bit of a Melaleuca addict.

How about you? What products would keep you sane on a desert island?

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