Rant on stoves

Don’t you hate it when you are convinced of something for so long, and then you find out you’re wrong? It’s like a big fat “told ya so” from yourself. For me, this has happened recently on the topic of stoves. For the last several years, I’ve lived in apartments with a gas stove and oven. And they scared me. I was always worried about a gas leak or pilot light going out or impending explosion. I just couldn’t wait to move to a place with an electric stove.

Surely you’ve heard people say they prefer gas to electric. Pshaw, I thought. Until I got an electric stove. And now I see the light. What people say is true–you have far less control over the heat. It takes longer for the burner to get hot, and once it gets there, you can’t immediately turn it down. I’m starting to get the hang of adjusting the heat long before I think I need to, but oh how I long for a gas stove! Never thought I’d say that.

And don’t even get me started on ovens. Our last oven temperature was completely unreliable, and I blamed the gas. Well guess what–the electric oven temperature is completely unreliable too! I guess these are the perils of renting, rather than owning your own home. The important thing is, I’ve learned my lesson. When I get the chance to select my own stove, I’m going with gas.

Hopefully we have a house that actually supports that. Eek.


One thought on “Rant on stoves

  1. A thousand times yes! We cook so much less when we live somewhere with a crappy stove or oven situation. Unfortunately, we can only afford to live in places with crappy stove and oven situations.

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