Posted in March 2011

Messy eggs

This only barely qualifies as a recipe. Really, it’s more of an idea for when you have a bunch of vegetables left over from other recipes and starting to reach the use-them-or-lose-them stage. It’s also a chance to show you my newest silicone spatula: That’s right, it’s a pumpkin. And Le Creuset. How could I … Continue reading

Five for Friday

I love love love shopping at Trader Joe’s. In fact, Andy and I do the bulk of our grocery shopping there. Here are some Trader Joe’s favorites we simply can’t live without. Mandarin Orange Chicken. We don’t eat a whole lot of the frozen, pre-made meals. However, this stuff is amazing and necessary. Midnight Moo. … Continue reading

Classic lasagna

I’m doing more traveling for work this week. Generally, if I don’t leave food behind for Andy, I’ll come home to find his dinners have consisted of beer. Because it fills him up. I don’t get it, but that’s a whole other subject. I decided to make a pan of lasagna sinceĀ  it reheats well. … Continue reading

604 West Morgan

I had a work trip this week, which always seems to mess with my cooking and eating habits. Which isn’t so great, because I have another work trip coming up next week, and then more travel at the end of the month. Anyway, to celebrate the end of a long week, Andy and I had … Continue reading

Five for Friday

We modern girls love our products, right? Here are five personal care products I could not possibly get by without. Renew lotion by Melaleuca. I put this on every day after taking my shower, and I’m so addicted that my skin just feels wrong without it. ChapStick Moisturizer. There’s just no substitute. Fat Hair Zero … Continue reading