Apple carrot spice muffins

This isn’t a new recipe, but an addition to an old one. An improvement, even. A few weeks ago, I had some of these:

And it was cold and colorless outside, and I was wishing it were fall. Fall is my very favorite food season. You have easy access to things like pumpkin beer, you can make a cream-on-cheese-on-pasta concoction and not have to think about how that may look in a bathing suit (actually, apparently I’m still not worried about that…ahem.),  and your corn doesn’t have to be the flavor-less grocery store stuff. Not to mention the crisp weather, beautiful leaves, and excitement of pulling out all of your sweaters.

But hey, it’s February. It may be a blah month, but there’s almost no month that doesn’t offer cute muffin liners. And frankly, cute muffin liners (like the ones above) are at least 50% of my motivation to bake muffins. So, to tie this all together, I resurrected one of my favorite fall recipes–carrot spice muffins. And to kick the fall factor up a notch, I added apples.

Because if there’s a way to make pumpkin spice feel more like fall, adding a trip to an apple orchard has got to be it. Or just throwing some apples in these muffins, closing your eyes, and letting your taste buds do the imagining.

To make these, follow this recipe. Peel and core two medium-sized apples and chop them into bite-sized pieces. After you stir in the carrots, add the apples to the batter. Follow the same baking instructions and enjoy little apple pie surprises throughout your muffins.

7 more months until fall comes back around. I think I’d better work on that whole live-for-today thing.


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