Five for Friday

I’m all about my lists, which I’m sure comes as no surprise after the type-A display of my recent post about my new planner. For those of you who are wondering, I still love it. Anyway, my list love led me to the idea of posting a top-five list on Fridays. I think the topics will differ from week to week, and these aren’t intended to go in a specific order (oh how rankings cause me anxiety–it’s like trying to choose a favorite song or color or something. How can you pick just one?!). They’re just a fun way to wrap up the week and encourage me to blog a little more often. Here goes week one…

Five things that have rocked my world this week

  1. Andy got a job! Moving down here was a big risk for us in a lot of obvious ways, including going to a one-paycheck household for a little while. Thankfully Andy received–and accepted–an offer this week, and he is very excited to get started with his new team.
  2. Cardigans with buttons on the cuffs. I already have an intense love affair with cardigans, and little details like buttons on the cuffs are just icing on the cake.
  3. Buffalo chicken nachos. I’ve eaten them not once, not twice, but thrice this week. And now I must invest in some type of supplemental nutrition.
  4. Family. I think our Christmas-time scare has made all of us closer in a lot of ways. Not that we weren’t close before, but the near-loss of a loved one has a special way of intensifying your relationships. We’ve particularly come through for each other this week (this space intentionally left vague). I think being able to help each other out gives me that good old-fashioned ‘you are not alone in this world’ feeling.
  5. Sunshine. This has been the least blah February I can remember, and I attribute it to the balmy winter temps and abundant sunshine here in Durham. Keep it up NC!

Happy Friday to all of you! I’m off to Ohio this weekend for a good friend’s bachelorette festivities. Hope you enjoy the weekend!


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