Posted in February 2011

Five for Friday

Kitchen tools to splurge on I’m all about a bargain, but there are some kitchen things that are just worth spending the big bucks. Here are a few of my favorites. Cast iron cookware. I guess it says a lot about me that I once passed up a Kate Spade handbag in favor of a … Continue reading

Apple carrot spice muffins

This isn’t a new recipe, but an addition to an old one. An improvement, even. A few weeks ago, I had some of these: And it was cold and colorless outside, and I was wishing it were fall. Fall is my very favorite food season. You have easy access to things like pumpkin beer, you … Continue reading

S’mores cookie bars

I’m up super early this morning because I had to drop Andy at the airport for an early flight, so I thought I would spend my spare time sharing a perfect start to any day: s’mores cookie bars. That’s right. You don’t need a campfire, or even an official-looking microwave contraption, to make the perfect … Continue reading

Five for Friday

I’m all about my lists, which I’m sure comes as no surprise after the type-A display of my recent post about my new planner. For those of you who are wondering, I still love it. Anyway, my list love led me to the idea of posting a top-five list on Fridays. I think the topics … Continue reading

The nachos that changed my life

I read a lot of other blogs, in part as entertainment but also for cooking inspiration. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a recipe and though well gosh, I don’t need a recipe to make that, but then again I never would’ve thought of it on my own. Case in point: Jessica’s … Continue reading