It’s been a few years since I bought a paper planner. Modern conveniences like the internet and an iphone just seemed to make it less necessary somehow. But since I started my new job about a month ago, I’ve had a really hard time getting organized. My responsibilities include a whole bunch of things I haven’t been accountable for in the past, and my endless to-do lists started to really clutter my new office. So I thought I’d give a paper planner another try this year.

First, some back story. There was this one year, during college, that I had the perfect planner. I like a double-page spread calendar for the month followed by lined pages with lots of room for each day. (But it’s not a diary, so I don’t need a page per day. That’s just overkill). Also, I don’t want any cutesy themes or motivational quotes or cartoons about cats. And the paper needs to be of a comfortable weight, but not glossy. And the lines on the pages should be an appropriate distance apart for neat penmanship (not wide-ruled). Yes, I am picky. I also used to only ever write in my planner with one pen, all year long. Type-A much?

Although I am picky, I don’t think I ask for too much, but since that one perfect year, the perfect planner has been elusive. Maybe that’s a big part of why I turned to technology for my list-making and calendaring. At any rate, I’m back to needing something tangible, so I turned to Etsy, a site that never fails to give me the feeling that I’ve entered a special, chic, calming little world that’s filled to the brim with marvels galore. My indie crafts shopping buddy did not let me down. I stumbled upon MyLavenderCottage, aka the answer to all of my life-long (er, at least since high school) planner longings.

I know next to nothing about this seller, and this little review is completely unsolicited. There were a couple of weeks between the day I placed my order and the day I came home to see a planner-sized box on the front porch, during which my anticipation grew and grew. MyLavenderCottage did not let me down. Plus, she has lavender in her name, which is one of my favorite scents. It was meant to be.

Love! I took it to work today and inscribed my first notes (some to-dos, a doctor’s appointment, dinner with friends). My whole entire life was suddenly a bit less messy. Just like that.

If you’re in pursuit of the perfect planner, I highly recommend checking out MyLavenderCottage. Her quality is fantastic, and she even starts the book on the month of your choice. I was able to select the cover paper and also added a few custom options. Here’s to a more organized me in 2011.


5 thoughts on “Plan-a-riffic

  1. You can’t use multiple pens in one planner, that would just be bizarre…

    This is why we’re friends 🙂

    Although since I started working, my planners are colour-coded – work related entries in blue and personal in red. The same blue pen and the same red pen all year long.

  2. Wow. You and Shiv are both huge geeks! In the best way of course!
    Ps. Don’t ever look at my planner, you’d die. It has study tips, cartoon people and was free, provided by the school! It’s also the same onethe kids use! Did I mention I don’t ever close it to the cover (nails on a chalkboard?)

  3. Wonder where you inherited this???? Need I mention I have one blue pen that I use at work and only that one blue pen. When it runs out of ink, and eventually it does, I replace it with another one of kind blue ink pen. Carry it with me all day to record any transactions, take notes, sign for a package, and whatever type of recording I need to make that is not done on my computer. I will even walk back to my desk to get it should I need to write something and have neglected to take it with me….. Oh no you are turning into your Mother!!!

  4. Wow, I thought I was alone in my weird pen habits! In school I used to only use one pen per notebook. Lately I’ve been branching out and using multiple pens (gasp!) but never more than one pen per page. It’s weirdly liberating and frustrating all at the same time.

  5. I may have just had a paper-gasm, before dying of jealousy. All in all, not such a bad way to go … I too am a perfect paper planner type (as you know), and my VB navy twirly-birds folio is lovely, but … the wide-rule may be a bit much. Thanks, Etsy!

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